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What Do Atlas Chalet Look Like?

Atlas Chalet Shingles Can Be Deceiving!
How To Identify Them

We’re going to teach you to identify the key characteristics of an Atlas Chalet roofing product.

What Do They Look Like?

That’s a great question!

Simply stated, they look like a premium, 30 year, architectural shingle… But they’re not.

What Clues Help Me Identify Atlas Chalet?”

Keyways, Keyways, Keyways! Look for keyways on the roof.

Keyways are the divisions between tabs of an asphalt shingle.
Atlas Chalet shingles are 3-tab shingles (with keyways) that are designed to look like architectural shingles. True architectural shingles don’t typically have keyways.

Any Other Clues To Help Me Identify Atlas Chalet?

Yes, shadow lines. Atlas Chalet shingles have embedded dark granules that are strategically placed to create a visual illusion of 3D layering. Take notice on the photo below the prominent, dark strip of granules that lies just beneath each overlap.

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7 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance…

Steve S. | Feb 18, 2016 | Peachtree City, GA

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Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance… ~ Steve S. - Peachtree City, GA

Further Information About How To Identify Atlas Chalet

The Architectural Shingle Closely Imitated

An architectural shingle gives a 3 dimensional, textured, and layered appearance to a roof. This is done by increasing the profile of the shingle with thicker layers and the addition of more asphalt granules. The effect is a very aesthetically pleasing roofing system that is better resistant to the elements.

Here are a few examples of true architectural shingles.

Architectural shingles are a more heavy duty shingle when compared to their closely related, 3 tab cousins. Their base layers of fiberglass matting are thicker and more robust. They have a heavier coat of asphalt covering them. This makes them more resilient to lifting by wind. They are also better equipped to withstand being hit by hail.

The heavy duty nature results in a heavier product. It is approximated that per 100 square feet of roofing surface area, an architectural shingle adds more than 100 lbs of weight to a roof. Added weight is not all that the shingle will add however. The lifespan also increases dramatically.

An architectural roof is estimated to have a lifespan of 24-30 years. That is significant when compared to a 3 tab roof with only 15-20 year expectancy. Some architectural shingles are expected to last up to 40 years.

Atlas Chalet: Robust Appearance On A More Simple Platform

The atlas chalet can be considered a look alike product of the architectural shingle. The 3 dimensional appearance is present. The base platform is not however comparable to the heavy duty fiberglass matting that the architectural shingles benefit from. The chalet is built on a 3 tab asphalt shingle model.

Some of the problems associated with the atlas chalet are based on the inability of 3 tab shingles to withstand high wind environments. This is why wind damage claims are common with the atlas chalet.

Here are some examples of atlas chalet shingles seen from a short distance.

As mentioned earlier, the two most prominent features that make an atlas chalet shingle easily identifiable are the keyways and the shadow strips of granules. If you suspect that you have atlas chalet shingles on your roof, be sure to call the experts for an inspection. Having a thorough roof inspection of your atlas chalet roof can prevent placing your home or property in jeopardy of costly damage due to moisture penetration.