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Canton, GA

Chalet Roofing Insurance Claim In Canton, GA

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Job Details

Location of Job: Canton, GA
When: Jun 8, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Hold Your Hand Guarantee, Roofing Insurance Claim
Brief Explanation

When you have an atlas chalet roofing professional inspect your roof, you can rest assured that your getting the highest degree of assistance available.

Hold Your Hand Guarantee

Take a deeper look into the Class Action Lawsuit surrounding the atlas chalet shingle.

There was storm damage found on this homeowner's roof. They were notified immediately. Utilizing the comprehensive digital analysis, they were shown a firsthand view of their own rooftop. They were able to personally see their roof without having to set foot on it.

Then, their atlas chalet expert filed the claim, submitted supporting evidence and was present during the adjuster meeting.

From the first look to the last nail, this homeowner was assisted every step of the way.

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, GA
Client Testimonial
Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance… ~ Steve S. - Peachtree City, GA