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Atlas Chalet Shingle Recall

Guess What...? Atlas Chalet Wasn't Recalled!


I bet you thought they were recalled…

They should have been & a lot of people wish they were.

Why Do People Wish That?

Because the shingles failed! They crack early and blister, causing leaks and problems for home owners.

If They Weren’t Recalled…Then What Happened?

They were discontinued and Atlas stopped producing them.

***But, despite evidence of manufacturer defects and tons of customer complaints, they sold off their remaining supply to you…the consumer.

How Does This Affect Me?

It means if you ever want to buy or sell a house with Atlas Chalet Shingles, you have to get them replaced first.

Furthermore, it means that there are no available shingles to appropriately repair your roof in case of a leak or a storm.

You’re Telling Me I’m Stuck With A Faulty, Discontinued Shingle That Can’t Be Repaired?

Yes. But you don’t have to be. There are a few options.

You can buy remaining Atlas Chalet shingles at a premium price. They are listed on ebay for $60/shingle. At that exorbitant price, the shingle cost to roof an average sized home is approximately $162,000.

Choose The Best Option!

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We have teamed up with an elite team of experts in the field. They are on the front lines of Atlas Chalet litigation and insurance policy matters.

The team consists of over 20 roofing experts who cover the greater Atlanta area and even further into neighboring states. Their expertise is precise when it comes to:

  1. identifying Atlas Chalet damage
  2. creating a comprehensive digital analysis of damage
  3. providing appropriate evidence to insurance companies
  4. resolving Atlas Chalet shingle nightmares

They have assisted 1000’s of homeowners in working with their insurance companies to cover the cost of a new roof.

If your home is roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles, make the smart call and reach out to the best in the industry.

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7 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance…

Steve S. | Feb 18, 2016 | Peachtree City, GA

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Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance… ~ Steve S. - Peachtree City, GA

Atlas Chalet Did Not Live Up To Promises

More About The Atlas Chalet Nitty Gritty

Atlas Chalet shingles were extremely popular in the Southeast. They were manufactured and sold for about 10 years starting from the year 2000. Their popularity arose from providing the appearance of a high quality, architectural shingle that was manufactured on a more economical, 3-tab shingle platform.

In order to achieve this Atlas added an increased amount of asphalt granules to certain portions of the shingle tabs. Thus raising the profile of the shingle.
Additionally, they added a darker shade of granule to the upper portion of the exposed surface. The combined effort of these designs provided an aesthetically appealing roofing system.

Here is an example of the result.


Marketing And Sales

In marketing the Chalet shingle, Atlas claimed that the shingle was fully compliant with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. This organization implements over 12,000 standards in efforts to “…improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.”

Furthermore, the Atlas Chalet was approved as possessing the qualities necessary to pass the High Velocity Hurricane Zone standards set forth by the Florida building code.

Being confident in their product, Atlas sold the Chalet with multiple warranty options ranging from 25 – 35 year warranties. These robust warranties greatly contributed to the nationwide frenzy that surrounded their popularity.

It is estimated that roughly 70,000 homes were built with the Atlas Chalet shingle.

The Problems Began Within A Few Years

In short time following installation, the shingle began to show signs of manufacturer’s defect. Some of the early problems included:


  1. shingle blistering
  2. tears
  3. shingle pitting
  4. cracking
  5. curling

These issues soon escalated and began to cause:


  1. asphalt granule loss
  2. blow offs
  3. exposed fiberglass matting
  4. reduced life expectancy
  5. roof leaks

Main Contributing Cause Of The Problem

It is estimated that the alleged defects came from insufficient care taken during the lamination process of the shingles. This resulted in a high amount of moisture being able to penetrate into the product. With a high amount of moisture trapped within the shingle, gas bubbles are created under the high temperatures that the roof is exposed to.

Due to expansion and contraction of gas bubbles in response to extreme temperature gradients, an intolerable amount of stress is placed on the weather stopping system. This causes the asphalt granules, the roof’s primary line of defense, to begin to fall off. Evidence of such can be found in high amounts of sand-like material found in gutters and downspouts.

As the shingles shed their protective granular coat, the underlaying fiberglass matting becomes exposed. Fiberglass matting is incapable of preventing moisture penetration. Water then begins finding its way into a home or building and destroying everything in its path.

Chalet Continuing In The Courts

Even though an official recall of the product was never implemented, the Atlas Chalet shingle continues to make appearances in courts under various class action lawsuits.

Here is an example of one allegation that was documented in a lawsuit:

“…defectively designed and manufactured … they prematurely fail and cause damage to the underlying structures and other property… permitting water leaks.”

An expert team of Atlas Chalet roofing contractors estimates that another 30,000 homes in the Southeastern US still have the problematic shingle in question on their roofs. There are currently multiple, on-going, class action lawsuits surrounding the Chalet. An Atlas Chalet shingle recall does not currently exist however it also can’t be 100% ruled out for the future. It is essential to call the experts to have your roof examined by the authorities on Atlas Chalet shingles.