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Atlas Chalet Class Action Lawsuit

What Does That Mean For You?

You’re probably wondering how the Atlas Chalet Class Action Lawsuit applies to you.

Thousands of people have asked themselves the same thing.

When Was It Filed?

Well… two were filed in 2013. One in Alabama and one in Ohio.

Then, on December 19, 2013, the JPML (Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation) ordered that these lawsuits be consolidated and handled in Atlanta under the distinguished Thomash W. Thrash Jr.

What Does That Mean?

It means that since then and moving forward, regardless of what state you live in, all matters concerning Atlas Chalet shingles will be handled in Atlanta, GA.

What Are The Allegations?

  1. Breach of Express Warranty
  2. Breach of Implied Warranty
  3. Negligence/Negligent Design
  4. Fraudulent Concealment
  5. Violation of Extended Warranty Manufacturers Liability Doctrine
  6. Unjust Enrichment
  7. Declaratory Relief

What Are The Results?

Judge Thomas W. Thrash upheld the allegation that Atlas had in fact violated an expressed warranty.

The warranty was a result of marketing the shingles as meeting building codes and industry standards.

What Do I Do With My Atlas Chalet Roof?

Don’t be a victim of Atlas Chalet’s alleged defects and violation of expressed warranty. Take matters into you own hands by dealing with an Atlas Chalet expert.

Many homeowners have been forced to pay to replace their roof themselves. They have paid $10,000’s of dollars of their own money. They have been told to wait for possible reimbursement once the class action lawsuit is settled.

Even still, years later, there has not been a resolution.

You don’t have to go through the same pain that these unsuspecting homeowners have suffered.

Take Charge By Calling The Experts

We have teamed up with a group of Atlas Chalet experts who deal nearly exclusively with homeowner’s roofing insurance claims.

Their phone number is 678-673-3042. They have helped 100’s of homeowners successfully manage their Atlas Chalet shingle dilemma.

They train each week with the industry’s finest to stay ahead of updated insurance policy. Just a quick call and you’ll be directed immediately to their fine staff of Atlas Chalet experts.

They’ll answer all of your questions regarding updates on the class action lawsuit status.

Most importantly, they are equipped to provide a comprehensive digital analysis of your Atlas Chalet roof and appropriately document all evidence of defects or storm damage.

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7 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance…

Steve S. | Feb 18, 2016 | Peachtree City, GA

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Robert got our roof replaced by our insurance company! We had a few storms roll through and I had a couple of neighbors who got their roofs replaced because of damage. I've been down this road before and made the mistake of calling my insurance… ~ Steve S. - Peachtree City, GA

Deeper Insight To The Lawsuit

More Regarding The Upheld Allegations

Judge Thomas W. Thrash found that the allegation regarding the expressed warranty surrounding Atlas’ Chalet shingle was worthy of being upheld and further examined. Here is a portion of the text from Knight v. Atlas Roofing Corp complaint:

“Atlas’ warranties fail their essential purpose because they purport to warrant that the
Shingles will be free from defects for at least 30 years when in fact the Shingles fall far short of the
applicable warranty period. To the contrary, due to the blisters in the Shingles, Atlas’ Shingles
begin failing after only several years’ or less use.” (para. 74)

It was pointed out by the plaintiff that the warranty behind the product was a large contributing factor that determined their decision to purchase. Atlas’ failure to fulfill with their expressed warranty was not the only contributing factor to the lawsuit.


Continued Sales In A Deceitful Manner

Despite multiple complaints, the company did not take appropriate action to remedy the situation. They were found to have continued selling the product without disclosing the potential defects.

“Even after Plaintiff became aware of the blistering and gave proper notice to Atlas,
Atlas failed to provide an adequate remedy. As a result, Atlas breached its implied warranties to Plaintiff and Class members by producing, manufacturing, distributing and selling them a defective product that was unfit for its
intended use and for a particular purpose”(para. 87-88).


Their alleged concealing actions are further described in the class action lawsuit with:

“The material facts concealed or not disclosed by Atlas are those which a reasonable
person would have considered to be important in deciding whether or not to purchase Shingles.
These misrepresentations and suppressions were done systematically and uniformly with respect to
all the putative class members, such that no individual issues override the common questions of law
or fact. At all times mentioned herein, Atlas intentionally, willfully, and maliciously
concealed or suppressed the facts set forth above from Plaintiff and with the intent to defraud as
herein alleged” (para. 107-108).

A Few Allegations Tossed Out

Among the allegations that did not remain were those of negligence and unjust enrichment. According to Judge Thrash, the plaintiffs did not fully specify the damage accrued to their home or property as a result of the Atlas Chalet shingle.

Atlas Corp On The Defense

The promises made by Atlas specifically cited that the product would be good for 30 years and that it would withstand mold growth and high winds up to 80 miles/hour.

In their attempts to avoid the issues with their malfunctioning product, Atlas has placed blame on the installers of the product. They allege that the trouble homeowners face stem from mechanical error, resulting from improper installation.

Furthermore, they claim that the bubbling appearance found on the shingles is a cosmetic problem only. Their claim is that it is not related to the construction/manufacturing of the shingle.

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