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Testimonials From Home Owners That Struggled With Atlas Chalet Shingles

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Mark M.

Atlanta, GA

Date: Sep 2, 2016
“Alston was a very professional, knowledgable, and engaging. Every step of the way he made sure to be there to answer any questions and working with me so that everything done throughout the process was done for my benefit not for just the payday. They are the most professional and experienced team I've ever seen. I highly recommend them to anyone redoing there roof.

Most Professional And Experienced Team

Services Provided

Atlas Chalet, Roof Insurance Claim, Approved Claim, New Roof Installation

Brad R.

Acworth, GA

Date: Aug 26, 2016
“Alston did a wonderful job for us explaining the whole process including financing. We are very pleased with the new roof and his follow up to make sure we were satisfied.

Very Pleased With The New Roof

Services Provided

Roof Insurance Claim, Atlas Chalet Roof. New Roof Installation, Payment Financing


Kennesaw, GA

Date: Oct 10, 2014
“I was most satisfied with the speed of the experience. They came in and got the job done.

Got The Job Done

Services Provided

Atlas Chalet Roof Inspection, Roof Insurance File Approved, New Roof Installation

Who Is On Our Specialist Team

Real Experts From The Southeastern States

Robert Kinghorn

Position: Certified Rooftop Genius, Atlas Chalet Expert
Years of Experience: 3

Brief Bio:

Robert has a high passion for helping homeowners get the roof and protection that they deserve. He is a trusted contractor that is devoted to customer service. One of his clients was pleased that he worked for 3 months to re-process a claim that had previously been denied. When he is not at work, Robert can be found spending time with his wife and young child. He enjoys sports, boating and reading. One of the charities that Robert supports is…

Alston Blenman

Position: Certified Rooftop Genius
Years of Experience: 3

Brief Bio:

Alston has been in the industry for many years now. He is a seasoned roofing contractor that specializes in assisting customers process their roofing insurance claims. What Alston loves about his job is being able to assist customers in improving their homes. The "Hold Your Hand Guarantee" is one aspect in particular that Alston is fond of. One homeowner that Alston recalls fondly had been previously conned by another roofing contractor. Through diligent efforts he was able to get the…

Here's A Little Info About Us

Thanks For Considering Us As Your #1 Atlas Chalet Shingle Resource

Roofpedia began as a way to help regular home owners who didn't know much about the roof over their heads.

In fact, the truth is that most home owners have no idea about their roofs.

And why would they?

Nobody thinks about a roof until it gives them problems and at that moment they are often desperate to get informed about the issues they are facing.


Because they either need to fix it themselves or call a roofer. And when they make that call our goal is to equip them with the right information so that they don't get taken advantage over.

The Official Roofpedia Name Was Born

With this goal in mind we set out to provide expert information on all topics related to roofing.

To date we have helped answer over 700,000 people's questions.

We Found Out About Atlas Chalet Shingles And...

Knew we needed to do something about it. So we created this dedicated website that contained all the information anybody needed to know about these shingles.

We even decided to team up with local professionals scattered throughout the Southeast.


So they could provide that face to face support you will need when dealing with an Atlas Chalet Shingle roof.

We trust the team of experts we have selected and hope you take the opportunity to use them and their services.

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