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  • I have storm damage and need to file a claim.

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Enjoy Our Latest Blog Posts

Below you will find our 3 latest posts on our blog. We are regularly sharing information about Atlas Chalet with home owners throughout the United States.

Part of our blog is also sharing examples of projects our specialists have worked on that used to have Atlas Chalet shingles. These projects typically include inspections, filing insurance claims, getting approvals and then replacing the entire roof with a brand new shingles that are not "Atlas Chalet Shingles".

3 Recent Atlas Chalet Blog Posts

Atlas Chalet Shingles Uninsurable

Brief Explanation:

Atlas Chalet roofs have increasingly been classified as “Uninsurable.” This affects home purchase agreements, existing policies and more.

As a homeowner who is concerned about Uninsurable Atlas Chalet Shingles, you must get the knowledge and protection that you deserve. Read more in this article about Uninsurable Atlas Chalet Shingles.

Atlas Chalet Shingles Warranty

Brief Explanation:

You have an Atlas Chalet Roof and are wondering what sort of protection the “Transferrable, 30 Year Limited Warranty” that the product was sold under, provides.

You’ve found the right source for information. Read further by clicking the title. Reach out to our team of experts with a quick phone call.

Atlas Chalet Shingles For Sale

Brief Explanation:

This article addresses the question many people have about buying replacement shingles for Atlas Chalet shingle roofs. We give you all the information you can possible need about this topic. We also include a FAQ section at the bottom of the article. Enjoy!

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Mark M.

Atlanta, GA

Date: Sep 2, 2016
“Alston was a very professional, knowledgable, and engaging. Every step of the way he made sure to be there to answer any questions and working with me so that everything done throughout the process was done for my benefit not for just the payday. They are the most professional and experienced team I've ever seen. I highly recommend them to anyone redoing there roof.

Most Professional And Experienced Team

Services Provided

Atlas Chalet, Roof Insurance Claim, Approved Claim, New Roof Installation

Brad R.

Acworth, GA

Date: Aug 26, 2016
“Alston did a wonderful job for us explaining the whole process including financing. We are very pleased with the new roof and his follow up to make sure we were satisfied.

Very Pleased With The New Roof

Services Provided

Roof Insurance Claim, Atlas Chalet Roof. New Roof Installation, Payment Financing


Kennesaw, GA

Date: Oct 10, 2014
“I was most satisfied with the speed of the experience. They came in and got the job done.

Got The Job Done

Services Provided

Atlas Chalet Roof Inspection, Roof Insurance File Approved, New Roof Installation

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You are under no obligation when you call. The experts will schedule an inspection and answer your questions regarding Atlas Chalet Shingles.

Based on their extensive experience and background in roofing they will point you in the right direction.

We trust and recommend these experts to anybody who has an Atlas Chalet roof.


1. Were Atlas Chalet Shingles Recalled?


No they were not.

But...Atlas Chalet Shingles were discontinued.

What does this mean?

This means that Atlas stopped manufacturing the Atlas Chalet Shingle back in 2010.  This means that anybody who had the shingle could no longer buy replacement shingles to do minor repairs.

To add to this problem the shingles have been found by many to be faulty and prone to wind damage and blistering.

This means that if you have damaged shingles and you want the ones that are damaged to be replaced or repaired you can't.


Because there isn't a matching shingle to slide in where the damaged ones would be removed.

Because of this many people are having to replace the entire roof.

2. Do Insurance Companies Cover Atlas Chalet Shingle Roofs?


Great question.

Honestly each insurance company is different and each situation is different.  To give an accurate answer to this the expert would be the best to call and ask.


Because they will be able to ask you key information that is unique to you, your roof and your situation.  With this extra data they can give you an accurate answer.

Here is our broad answer to that question.

Some insurance companies will cover Atlas Chalet Shingle roofs...either on purpose or not on purpose.

Some insurance companies have even been shown to stop insuring home owners because they have an Atlas Chalet Shingle roof...or at least warning them that they have to replace their roof to keep their insurance.

If you are buying a home or selling a home, you will most likely run into issues where the new insurance company won't cover the home due to it having Atlas Chalet Shingles.

3. Do Atlas Chalet Shingles Have A Warranty?


Yes they came with a 30 year warranty but that warranty has various stipulations and factors that may or may not limit your coverage.

Again each situation is different and you should talk to one of our experts about your specific situation to know if your warranty will help you out of your problem.

4. What Do Atlas Chalet Shingles Look Like?


Fantastic question.

We have dedicated a page of our website for pictures of Atlas Chalet Shingles.  As our experts share pictures of jobs, roofs, and Atlas Chalet Shingles with us we upload them here and publish them for you to see.

You can see pictures of Atlas Chalet Shingles by clicking the menu bar link that is titled photos.

We hope that is exactly what you need.  If not, please let us know.

5. Can I Buy Atlas Chalet Shingles?


We have been getting this question so often that we decided to write up an entire article about this very topic.

Here is the link - Atlas Chalet Shingles For Sale

Because Atlas discontinued Atlas Chalet Shingles back in 2010 the chances of you buying these shingles is close to none.

In the beginning, yes there were still some suppliers or roofers that had Atlas Chalet Shingles lying around...but not too many anymore.

Short Answer: Most likely not.

The bad thing about that is it makes it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to properly repair a roof that has some damage or a leak.

For many the answer is either let your roof leak or replace the entire roof with new shingles.